Commercial-scale quantum computing: telecom compay's worst nightmare

By | April 30, 2012
Entanglement and commercialization of miniscule physics

This team of researchers has discovered a way of producing entangled quantum pairs – a first critical step in mass-producing, and commercializing, quantum computers. But wait, there's more: the entangled particles are always in the same state, regardless of distance. So… this little messanger could also be used to transfer big data or commands between servers, or between you and a cloud, allowing you to eliminate the need of a telecommunications carrier in the middle.

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Research breakthrough takes quantum computing out of the lab
New device, developed by team of engineers led by Professor Amr Helmy, could bring quantum computing to your home or office.

2 thoughts on “Commercial-scale quantum computing: telecom compay's worst nightmare

  1. John Despujols

    yea, I am not convinced that cross-entanglement won't become a real issue. Sort of the same way that cross-talk does with conventional electrical signals over a wire. We can't possibly fully understand what keeps each end of the pair entangled directly to the other and how to shield it….

  2. Christof Jans

    I'm no expert on quantum mechanics but everything I read about entanglement is that it will not allow for instant communications between 2 points; the so-called no-communication theorem).


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