How to DoS anonymously

By | April 27, 2012
Another staggering example of how unintended consequences of technology are more dangerous than we want to think

Looking to take down a site? Here's one way of doing it without getting caught. At least, not until CISPA is law.

But more seriously: if you read into the details, everything makes sense. It just happens that things that are safe on a small scale aren't safe in public. And just as moving from a private server to a cloud server brings unintended consequences as this poor fellow discovered, moving private information onto a web platform (eg Facebook) often also has unintended consequences. Big data, big bandwidth, big money – everywhere, the stakes are going up at an ernormous pace.

This looks like the adjustments we've had during the urbanization wave, shifting 80% rural population to 80% urban population during the industrial revolution. We've had to restructure policy, laws, infrastructure to meet the changing situation, and moving into the internet is creating another adjustment wave now.

Better get a course in cloud optimization, consult a lawyer about the state of your data privacy, and rewrite the environment before it explodes. And better yet, make those politicians do that – they need to connect the dots very urgently.

/via +Carmelyne Thompson 

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