How Germany is proposing to address the filesharer-suing industry

By | April 22, 2012
This is an interesting way of addressing the filesharer-suing industry: set the dispute value to 500 EUR whenever the prosecuted is a natural person, such that the lawyer only earns 75 EUR per case instead of ca. 1500 EUR per case. The 10,000 EUR dispute value still applies for companies being sued. Doesn't help too much with GEMA's infamous business proceedings, but at least it should help protect private internet users and clear up one of the court line-ups.

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Internet-Law » Gesetzesentwurf gegen unseriöse Geschäftspraktiken
(1) In einer Urheberrechtsstreitsache beträgt der Streitwert für den Unterlassungs- oder Beseitigungsanspruch 500 Euro, wenn der Beklagte. 1. eine natürliche Person ist, die urheberechtliche Werke ode…

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