Cross-platform mobile development: what do you use?

By | April 18, 2012
I haven't seen anything convincing out there yet for cross-platform mobile development. Sure, there are some (buggy) frameworks I know of out there, but they are buggy/limited enough that it's often easier to write the app twice…

What's your solution? (Do comment on the link)

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What are the best tools for prototyping mobile apps for iOS and Android?*

(* my question on Quora)
I have recently been exploring various cross-platform mobile application development platforms – including Phonegap, Titanium, Corona and others. The idea is to see if any of these are suitable for either rapidly prototyping a few mobile app ideas, or even developing a complete working app. While I do know that nothing beats native app development in terms of performance and full access to all hardware features, these tools may be more than sufficient for certain types of apps (reading content for example), or as a quick way to develop a minimum viable product for testing and prototyping. . Would welcome suggestions and comments if you have experience with any of these products.

What are the best tools for rapidly developing mobile applications for both the iOS and Android platforms?
Answer (1 of 2): Please check the most comprehensive report on the subject which goes in much detail about each tools and features ..…

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