Android will support cheap processors!

By | April 17, 2012
What do I hear here? This is awesome. Not just because it brings down the price of android devices and thus increase accessibility, but mips was also only processor class that I've messed with low-level. Not sure if that is because they're older, or because they just happened to be 'in' at the time – but if that is some kind of indicator on more engineers being able to fiddle with that future class of android phones, it means we can expect more choice and creativity on available mods.

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Native MIPS Support Coming for Android

With Android on tablets running MIPS processors selling in large volume at the low end in places like China, and with MIPS a more affordable option than ARM, it only makes sense that Google would want to support it more easily with Android.

+Larry Page spoke recently of the tremendous opportunity for Android to flourish on tablets at the lower end of the tablet market, so this only makes sense as a logical step (and suggests that his comments did not refer strictly to a Nexus tablet). #android #mips´╗┐

Google to bundle MIPS support with Android
Google to bundle MIPS support with Android

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