Firebase: a new client-side web development model

By | April 13, 2012
This is an interesting approach to web development. Data duplication (the Firebase business model) is old, but an efficient javascript-based, client-side data abstraction layer is new. I wonder if it would be possible to put a P2P network behind the 'data cloud' using the same technique – something that would make for efficient user-side information control, should personal data be hiding in that 'data cloud'.

/via +Andriy Burkov 

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Firebase is a cloud service that automatically synchronizes data between clients and with our cloud servers. It frees developers from worrying about how their data will be communicated and stored, and…

One thought on “Firebase: a new client-side web development model

  1. Frank Endriss

    Firebase is usable for applications which do not require any server side logic but storing (and providing) the application data.
    But most applications are better designed with server side logic, which requires some kind of remote procedure call. Firebase simulates such RPC through the use of triggers on data changes, which makes the design of standart RPC-applications unneeded complicated.


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