Industrial chicken contaminated! And it affects your health

By | April 5, 2012
You are eating antibiotics and banned chemicals in your industrially raised chicken, even if they are raised without antibiotics. That's never good news. And it's not easy to track, either – the source is proprietary mixed chicken feed, which contains chicken remains with these compounds whose origin can only be speculated on at this point. Not particularly promising.

At this point, I think we need to be thankful that there are fundamental religious folk around. Kosher and Halal foods aren't allowed to be fed mixed food – i.e. no feather meal. That's half of the problem gone. So now we need a religious stamp and a bio stamp on meats to be on the safe side that unnecessary antibiotic anf chemical intake is at a minimum. Yet this is only minimization – as mentioned in 'the toxic baby' ted talk, our environment ecosystem is so heavily impacted that pristine animal life on earth unaffected by agra waste runoffs isy non-existant.

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New post! Another source of animal antibiotics (and other drugs): poultry "feather meal"

Waste not, want not? Poultry “feather meal” as another source of antibiotics in feed : Aetiology
Poultry feather “meal” may be re-introducing drug residues to chickens via their feed.

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