Cream of the cream: My mentor circle

By | April 2, 2012
This is my first circle share. I've been rather hesitant to share circles as I feel that circle shares are incredibly impersonal: you get a pile of suggestions without any real idea why, or where they fit in your world. Then +Gideon Rosenblatt proposed a wonderful idea: a Google+ Mentors Circle. The idea being, you add people to this circle who you want to be your mentor, target them by following their posts and building a relationship with them so that you can win them as your mentor. And: what a circle to share! That is the 'cream of the cream' circle.

While I don't follow that definition so strictly – I've always been one to silently observe and pick and choose qualities that I'd like to attain, and then copy particular 'role models' without necessarily asking for a more formal relationship – I did start collecting people whom I want to learn some particular quality from into a circle. Potential mentors, you could say. And then I realized: This wasn't a circle I could share. Some of those people were G+ lurkers. Others were using G+ as a Twitter-crosspost-outlet or Reader-sharing-outlet without actually engaging in conversation. So I removed them and was left with a circle of people whom I want to learn something from, who post insightful content and who respond to conversations actively. And that, fellow readers, is this circle.

Since these people happen to also be 'big noisy people' on the most part, I expect you are already following some of them. If not, feel free to meet and greet, and/or guess what I'm trying to learn these days. 🙂

I'll share a second circle, one with my favorite 'not-so-noisy' people to read based on content quality, later – again, as an attempt to counter the trend of sharing circles with too much noise.

3 thoughts on “Cream of the cream: My mentor circle

  1. Gideon Rosenblatt

    I was out of town and so didn't see this when you first shared it, +Sophie Wrobel. Thank you so much. I feel honored to be included in this. I also think you augmented anything I might have said about the mentor idea into something that's way more interesting than what I was probably talking about. This is a truly great way of thinking about, and curating, a circle. Really nice work and, as I said, I'm really proud to be included.


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