Teaching idiots about internet and privacy

By | April 1, 2012
The Girls Around Me app

I find the story amusing – perhaps because I've been around tech folk too long. It's a shame the app has been pulled; it's an excellent way to show average people what data privacy is all about in a way that they understand – at latest when horrified looks cross the room you know that the point has hit home. I wonder if an Android clone or two will be popping up?

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2 thoughts on “Teaching idiots about internet and privacy

  1. André Fachat

    It is really freaky how much information people share without knowing (or understanding). And if that information is there, ut will be used…

  2. Kristian Köhntopp

    Preferable variations that automatically apply for an App key per installed instance instead of an App key for the app.

    That way they will be much harder to shut down, illustrating that the problem cannot be solved by Foursquare, either. Once the data is there, it can and will be used.


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