We need more cross-diciplinary engineers

By | March 27, 2012
Neat. The technology used in high-end car simulators (think: test simulators with simulated x, y, z movement of the vehicle capsule within a 20m enclosed system to accurately match user experience and felt acceleration in a driving vehicle) coming to handheld electronics. Considering that the Japanese lead the former field, I'd expect a very pleasant experience with the latter devices.

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Japanese researchers invent brilliant touch force-feedback system.

Researchers working at NEC and the Tokyo Institute of Technology have invented a haptic touch panel display technology. The physical glass actually moves to reflect both what's happening on screen and the location of the user's touch.

2 thoughts on “We need more cross-diciplinary engineers

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    There indeed are cultural differences in information and user interfaces. It's often the point that allows a copycat to succeed in a country where the original fails to take hold – and one of the things which makes american-marketed technology less welcomed in other countries.

  2. John Bump

    Having spent a fair bit of time using a Yokogawa oscilloscope and digital power analyzer, and a bunch of time using Lecroy, Agilent, and Tektronix scopes, I think there are some cultural differences in how information and user interfaces are designed. I'd expect this to work extremely well, but have quite a learning curve.


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