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By | March 23, 2012
Okay, so according to this development pattern for many-to-many marketing, social media networks should develop as follows:
1. Identify your networks of relationships
2. Differentiate your relationships
3. Interact with the network members
4. Customize
5. Learning networks

… that means, we have 1-3 already. Google+ is an extremely powerful tool for (3) – as many of you have already realized. So what we're missing now is (4) and (5). I think many of us have already started suggesting how to bring (4) and (5) into Google+ and how great that would make the platform we're using – that is the heart of controlling the information overflow, managing your network and interaction, and have the platform figure out what is useful for you instead of generic 'what's hot' suggestions.

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xRM als Basis für das sog. Many-to-Many Marketing | Von Sebastian Weiß und Vivien Nikolic Seit mehren Jahren ist es vor allem das Many-to-Many Marketing, mit dem sich Prof. Evert Gummesson beschäftigt…

5 thoughts on “Social Media Development

  1. Ivan Kleban

    looks like marketing is "digital cancer" of social 20-ties, i know it helps to fund many startups, but on the other hand it creates lots of spam posts and severe rise in electricity consumption. earlier this week i happen to come by article that takes closer look on free android apps. outcome of the study is, that 70% of energy is used for directing ads. same with SNetworks. but i gues that is what existence of fourth sector is all about. chanelling information. without its marketing power, any kind of media would be not dead, but never'we gotten chance to exist at large in the first place. for me, google is pioneer in using marketing funding and still giving the user nearly ad free experience. there is hovewer another option. Pay monthly fee for not getting any ads.

  2. Sophie Wrobel

    +ivan kleban bingo- if that is what google is thinking of with personalized search, great, but somehow i fear marketing dollars will interfere.

  3. Ivan Kleban

    i get your wave +Sophie Wrobel . just yesterday i was thinking about enormous amount of wall posts on my sn accounts. It wouldn't be bad if there was service that filters posts relevant to personal interests. something like personal wall search engine / spider that would dig through tons of balast and find posts worth paying attention to while sipping morning coffee. one can spend whole day going through interesting and inspirational / educational stuff at a price of massive loss of productivity.

  4. Sophie Wrobel

    +ivan kleban Sometimes good ideas that come too early (ie users dont understand them) die off, like google wave too.

    When I talk about customizing, I mean customizing as in content filtering and interaction management, not customizing as in changing the background color.The former I think is coming, the latter is days of yore, as you say.

  5. Ivan Kleban

    i dont wanna sound like jerk, but isn't #4 why myspace was left behind? Rise of facebook proves, that fewer choices and simplicity prevail over highly customizable content. People like having fewer options.


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