The widening cyber gap between Europe and USA

By | March 8, 2012
Like most bills, what is potentially bad is not what the bill claims to do, but what the final details will actually say. At a time when a German private consortium is struggling to get email communications to be a legally binding communication possibility, privacy is of utmost importance. And this bill goes in the opposite direction, as if to help enlarge the gap between internet liberties on both sides of the Atlantic. In terms of unifying data transfer and international e-commerce, a total catastrophe – even if i an not particularly concerned over spying on my non-encrypted emails.

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Privacy Nightmare: McCain bill would result in military monitoring the Internet! #politics #news #activism´╗┐

Privacy Nightmare: McCain Bill Could Have Military Monitor The Internet | Demand Progress
Privacy Nightmare: New bill by John McCain would result in the military monitoring the civilian Internet. Please fight back — email your lawmakers here.

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