Finally, an understandable explanation of the Euro-Crisis

By | March 6, 2012
Page 2 of this article has an highly readable summary on what the problem with the Euro Zone, Germany, and Greece is, and how it came about. This is the reason why the topic is so sensitive.

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The Hundred-Billion-Euro Bomb: Euro-Zone Central Bank System Massively Imbalanced – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International
More than a year ago, German economist Hans-Werner Sinn discovered a gigantic risk on the balance sheets of Germany’s central bank. Were the euro zone to collapse, Bundesbank losses could be half a tr…

2 thoughts on “Finally, an understandable explanation of the Euro-Crisis

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    +Peter Strempel I'd assume it's the 'shoot the messanger' reaction – Sinn is laying open information that the public shouldn't know about because… err… you know, it might cause certain people to react to the information, and not in a way that they'd like. Stating a case for weakness during times when that case is getting a growing public spotlight is provoking reaction – and should in a healthy social ecosystem, as only through discussion and thought can a better solution be found.

  2. Peter Strempel

    Verrrry inetresting. Tell me, +Sophie Wrobel, why do you suppose that the article refers to Sinn in several places as provocative? Is he not just stating the case for a weakness in the financial system of the EU?


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