New Google Docs App, but not sure if it got better?

By | February 23, 2012
Just updated – not sure if in-line comments are all resolved in the documents I checked or if they aren't showing up for some reason in the new app, but real-time collaboration without comments isn't useful. Comments should come back. The function was not 100% perfect before, but a very important and useful aspect of virtual collaboration. Otherwise, I'd like to request a downgrade.

The other big thing which is still annoying me is that I still can't move documents from one folder to a sub-folder.

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One thought on “New Google Docs App, but not sure if it got better?

  1. Phil Ashman

    The simultaneous editing of Google Docs is a killer feature that use for collaboration with both my dept and my students. I'm also a big fan of the comment functionality, so if they've pulled that from the app I think it's grave mistake. I've never played around with the android app, but not being able to move docs between folders seems like an almost unbelievable shortcoming!


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