CERN claims speeds faster than light – again!

By | February 23, 2012
So that explains the 'faster than light' particles from CERN a few weeks ago… maybe. If light speed isn't actually the upper speed barrier, though, we may need to revisit our explanations of how the universe works – and how many dimensions it has.

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Faster than light or faulty setup? CERN just released a statement!
Einstein was wrong was the inevitable conclusion from the data gathered by CERN: Light seemed to travel 60 milliseconds faster than light speed

Just minutes ago CERN released a statement that it found two faults in the measurement setup used to run the original experiments which caused such a shock in the scientific world. CERN will run new tests to check when they are re-opened after their winter stop.

The two newly found problems in the setup are conflicting:

One oscillator used for the time stamps for the GPS synchronization is in doubt. If true it would have led the scientist to overestimate the neutrino's time of flight. If true and if the other suspected problem doesn´t interfere it would mean that light travels even faster than the first measurements.

However "The second concerns the optical fiber connector that brings the external GPS signal to the OPERA master clock, which may not have been functioning correctly when the measurements were taken," said CERN. "If this is the case, it could have led to an underestimate of the time of flight of the neutrinos

As the last seems to have a larger effect on the actual measurements, it will have the profoundest impact on the original results gathered. "New measurements with short pulsed beams are scheduled for May," CERN said in the just released statement.

For your understanding: every winter CERN closes as the energy needed to operate the large underground particle accelerator is needed for households and industry in the region.

CERN is yet to publish it´s statement on the website, but the link below will get you up to (light) speed. If we get more details we will update this +EuroTech newsflash.

Author: +Max Huijgen

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One thought on “CERN claims speeds faster than light – again!

  1. Karsten Wegmeyer

    looks more like they have to revisit their setups. To faults both concerning Time-Measurement declares most data as worthless.

    It was assumed there would be an error in the setup, well actually there are two. They have to correct it and power up some more Neutrino-beams. After that there might be a more reliable view. If neutrinos then would still be faster then light, thinge get interesting.


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