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By | February 21, 2012
Elsevier is known as the RIAA of scholarly information. While I do applaude an eypert discovery tool and platform in this area – research networks are lagging behind social networks in terms of streamlining the ability to connect people – it also starts me wondering what the terms and conditions, and future plans, for SciVerse are.

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Elsevier launches SciVerse Hub expert discovery tool

Congratulations to +Rafael Sidi for the launch of Direct2Experts Expert Discovery on SciVerse Hub, Elsevier's increasingly sophisticated platform for innovation professionals seeking out information and expertise that will help them to accelerate research and product development. Increasingly the value of scholarly research is found not in conveying the research reports but in putting those reports and the people who write them in more valuable contexts. This is a nice integration move that puts expert networks in the context of a powerful proprietary search portal that has an API available to developers to create in-portal apps that enrich the discovery process. Keep 'em coming, Rafael.

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Elsevier launches SciVerse Hub expert discovery tool
Elsevier launches SciVerse Hub expert discovery tool

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