Was war ever about anything other than money? If we're being truely honest, that…

By | February 15, 2012
Was war ever about anything other than money? If we're being truely honest, that is? Sometimes I wish the world was less capitalistic. Stealing and exploiting isn't being nice.

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5 thoughts on “Was war ever about anything other than money? If we're being truely honest, that…

  1. Karsten Wegmeyer

    war is always the end of rational minds! War is not done for money, war is made for believe. War is the beginning of uncontrolled emotional breakout. Money and resources taken by the winner are felt as an appropriate consumption.

    Nevertheless there are always people on both sides who do use the emotional people to get and rational advantage. So there might be people calculating wars financial contracts, but they are a minority. The rest of us just uses brutal force to get what he/she felt is there personal right or the help to give others what they deserve – whatever it costs.

    So war is not more or less but our lack of tolerance and our end of communication. It is not all about the money.

  2. Sophie Wrobel

    +Ivan Mashchenko agree with you completely on that. But thinking back on history and how many troops have been knowingly and intentionally sacrificed as 'cannon feed'… it's also hardly anything new to the game of war strategy, which is extremely saddening.

  3. Ivan Mashchenko

    Nevertheless I am horrified with such a treachery against the nation's own loyal sailors. There can be casualties, there can be massacre, there can be deception, but such a treachery can have no excuse. Brave men who have dedicated their lives to serve the country fighting for what they consider right are not to be disposed this way.

  4. Sophie Wrobel

    +Ivan Mashchenko History is always written by the winners – there is so much deception in war at all levels, that I think we can't use speculations on isolated incidents to justify one position or another for ourselves as media would prefer that we do. As such, I'd rather refrain from commenting on the USS Enterprise video that has been circulating lately. Rather, we need to look at the bigger picture and ask ourselves, where is humanity headed? What do we, as citizens, want for the human race, and how do we get there given the nature of human beings – which has bad in it just as much as it has good?


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