Iran has their UCAVs, China does too

By | February 15, 2012
and soon Europe will as well! Technology is not meant to be hoarded by US patent holders, and it'll with drones approved in most airspaces now, it will be interesting to see what role drones play in our society of tomorrow.

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Europe on track for its first stealth drone flight!
Dassault-led research team presents the nEUROn UCAV

Six European countries are collaborating to build Europe’s first unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV). This combat aircraft is similar to the drones that have been deployed by the US in its military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This drone is being built as part of the French sponsored nEUROn project with the goal of developing the next-generation of European combat aircraft. The nEUROn team promises to deliver stealth reconnaissance technology together with stealth attack tactics, video-game style grouping and flight controls, as well as the latest combat technology in a technological demonstration project.

Although the project was initially started by Dassault of France, mounting pressure led to extending the project to other companies to make the project more international.
Five other compnaies have since joined the project : Saab (Sweden), Alenia (Italy), EADS CASA (Spain), HAI (Greece) and RUAG (Switzerland).

Progress is on target so far with its first maiden flight scheduled six months from now. Saab has already delivered the central and forward fuselage to Dassault for assembly, and the software development is already well underway. Tests later this year will address flight quality, stealthiness, air-to-ground weapon firing, integration into a C4i command center environment, as well as the insertion of the uninhabited platform in European airspace.

Currently all European unmanned drones are provided by either the US or Israel. This project will give Europe some further independence in the military arena.

However, there is no reference to weapons in the official presentation : do you think there is a political motivation not to call it a potential weapon?

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