I'd love to see more visualizations of this sort

By | February 15, 2012
Is there a collection anywhere out there?

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TOTALLY REALISTIC. We just talk about "sql injections" and "rainbow tables" to scare the rest of you. All we actually do is shoot balls at each other in a minigame.

One thought on “I'd love to see more visualizations of this sort

  1. Sy Bernot

    That visualization is actually a realtime log tail-er written in ruby. I've used it before to keep track of my DNS server's hits and misses as well as web hits and ssh login attempts. Watching logs in this way can be more effective than email alerts, I get too many of those as it is. One warning if your thinking of trying this at home, it can be very demanding on CPU memory and GPU.
    +Erlend Simonsen


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