Iran seems to be acting reasonably, but is reason enough?

By | February 7, 2012
Given the circumstances, Iran is making reasonable demands. The problem is, of course, that if foreign parties were responsible, they aren't going to be getting any cooperation, only increased sanctions and economic as well as other guerilla / terroristic activity sponsored from those parties, as far as you can push the limit without officially declaring war.

It's a dirty game, and even dirtier that there are people willing to play it. Not just for Iran, but for dishonest capitalism in certain corporations / organizations / sectors as well. Why does our society reward dishonesty and greed as much as it does?

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2 thoughts on “Iran seems to be acting reasonably, but is reason enough?

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    +Karsten Wegmeyer i don't like ahmadinejad either. He's done a lot of bad for the Iranian people, that's for sure. But I do find that on isolated incidents, this being one of them, his demands could be reasonable given the interest of his people.

  2. Karsten Wegmeyer

    the problem is not located in foreign countries. The problem is located in Iran and it's Gouvernment! Whoever wants do deal with atomic energy plants has to be reliable to the world.

    The Gouvernment ( and Ahmadinejad in front) are fare from trustworthy. Emotion and agression is a bad partner when dealing with such forces that might destroy parts of the world.

    So the echo the iran gains from the behaviour of it's administration is nothing to be surprised of. Who wants to be a part of the world just have to behave as a partner. As long as the iranian Gouvernment ( not the people as a whole) stay agressive they won't find much tolerance in the world.

    It's eays to blame the United States or whoever as a bad cop surpressing the iran. If you do look on the actions and statements iran commits it is like offering a ten year old a pumpgun for birthday!


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