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Reshared post from +Max Huijgen

BACKLINKS: shared posts on G+ now have a automatic link to the original!
The number of times I have been asking for this simple feature is uncountable. You post something, it´s shared a lot and there is no way to get back to the original post. Bummer.

Not a big deal for a funny gif, but if you wanted to start a discussion it got fragmented with every share and the only way to find the original discussion back is by going to the first poster´s stream and try to find it there. Tedious: especially if the share you found was already a few day old.

What you could do for the important posts where you expected a large number of shares and hoped to get a discussion going, is providing an backlink in every post. To do so you first had to post it with locked enabled. Then find the link, edit the post, fill in the ´if you found this through a share click here…….´ link and unlock the post.

A hopeless task and although a few people took the trouble, like yours truly, most never cared about it. Result: one or two comments on a share and no centralized discussion possible.

Today I posted a few things which got shared a number of times. I happen to check on one and SURPRISE a backlink is automatically included by G+. See the picture as it explains it all. If you share this or another post you will see for yourself!
Does it now work for everyone or is it being rolled out incrementally? Try it and report plz.

Mega goodie from Google without any announcement: thanks Google coders!!!

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