Wow, there are some honest people in power out there

By | February 3, 2012
A bit late, but a positive signal. This is a bold statement for Zorko; so there is still hope for us people!

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A heartfelt apology, and a call for action
I signed ACTA out of civic carelessness, because I did not pay enough attention. Quite simply, I did not clearly connect the agreement I had been instructed to sign with the agreement that, according to my own civic conviction, limits and withholds the freedom of engagement on the largest and most significant network in human history, and thus limits particularly the future of our children.

Helena Drnovšek Zorko, the Slovenian Ambassador to Japan, explains in the Slovenian newspaper Metina Lista in her own words why she signed ACTA… and then literally puts her job on the line by encouraging the people of Slovenia to attend an ACTA protest in the nation's capital of Ljubljana on February 4th on her behalf. Please read what she has to say.

There is hope.

Read + Share + Understand = Global Internet Freedom

(Thanks to +Vik Olliver and +Adrian Quek for posting earlier)

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Why I signed ACTA
On Thursday, 26th January, 2012, I signed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) on behalf of the Republic of Slovenia, following the directive and authorisation of the Slovenian government. A…

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