Mexico under drought! But is there a long-term solution?

By | February 3, 2012
Situation sounds serious from a humanitarian perspective – but not completely unexpected from a climate perspective. But as long as climatology and lobby groups from various industry sectors remain entangled with each other, I don't think we can expect to see results which benefit humanity out of research in this field.

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Climate Emergency: 2 Million Mexicans Have No Water & Drought Expanding Across Southern U.S.
Two million people have no water. Crops are wiped out in the northern half of the country. The worst drought in Mexico’s history is likely to worsen until summer rains come devastating the northern half of Mexico, damaging Mexico’s economy. Indigenous communities in rural northern Mexico have no water, no food and no crops. Communities have had no rain in 15 months. The Mexican government is mobilizing to bring food, water and jobs to the affecte…

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