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By | February 2, 2012
Finally the torrent link! For those who missed the news (and those who don't follow quality literature charts), a bit of background:

Paulo Coelho is one of the great modern authors whose literature will likely go down as the 'classics' of our era – the sort of insightful reading that children hate in school. His books are, from what I hear, better in translation than in Portuguese – but not knowing Portuguese, I can't verify that claim. Now, I do have a thing for authors from Latin and South America, so I might be biased here, but he is an author I'd recommend.

At any rate, Coelho's recent agreement to release digitally only one of his books – and followed in close succession by this torrent – sets a precedent for a worldwide successful author recognizing the value of digital content distribution, and understanding how the digital paradigm works – unlike the publishing industry that has been dragging it's feet lately.

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Paulo Coelho schiebt seine eigenen B├╝cher auf PirateBay´╗┐

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Paulo Coelho Internet Books (download torrent) – TPB
Type: Other > E-books; Files: 18; Size: 5.13 MiB (5374157 Bytes); Texted language(s): English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese; Tag(s): Paulo Coelho Internet Book Way Bow Warrior Light …

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