Solving corrupt elections: introduce the non-voter party!

By | February 1, 2012
A while ago the 'nicht-wähler partei' started in germany. While they're too small to gain traction, they propose an interesting concept: if democracy is about doing what the majority wants, and the majority is so disgusted by the options they have available to vote for, they should have a right to exert that opinion into the political process by voting for the non-voting party.

Here's how that would work: anyone who doesn't vote automatically gives their vote to the non-voting party. The non-voting party gets allocated seats and victories just as any candidate would. But they always vote for no change to current stand when it comes to every issue. These seatholders could be monkeys, for all I care, with lots of bananas given their exuberant salaries.

Yes, it is extremely counterproductive. But it would force political parties to become more relevant and work on ways to avoid getting the monkeys voted into office instead – and that means fixing the issues that are turning voters into non-voters, as well as an incentive to fix broken policy instead of introduce more broken policy.

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