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By | January 29, 2012
The financial oligarchy extends far beyond the USA; I've mentioned before that I suspect that this is what drives the next targets of the 'axis of evil' (all nations not paer of the rothschild banking system, is that coincidence or what?) as well as deep policy directions emerging today.

I don't see preventing a depression as an option, though – the depression is coming and a necessary step in gaining sufficient momentum to restructure the oligarchical deathgrip, as well as to transfer power from one superpower to another. The rise and fall of historical empires are precedence enough to show what we should expect next.

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Redesign: Implosion of Crony Capitalism, part 1

The Quiet Coup

"…recovery will fail unless we break the financial oligarchy that is blocking essential reform."
— Simon Johnson, former IMF chief economist

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The Quiet Coup
The crash has laid bare many unpleasant truths about the United States. One of the most alarming, says a former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, is that the finance industry has eff…

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