Reflections on life without a modern stove

By | January 28, 2012
I know many people take modern conveniences for granted. But that's just not always the case – we've had the luxury of a modern stove removed for the past few months and are getting along with a wood stove. This makes some big changes in behaviour that you may not think about when considering an ancient stove:

1. You think twice about that morning coffee. See, it takes two hours to start the fire and get water to cook on it. Trust me, by the time you're warm you won't need the coffee to wake up.
2, Making meals becomes an integral block of time in daily planning. Fast meal preparation doesn't work anymore – though if you discount the time it takes to boil water, cooking a fast, hearty meal is still possible within half an hour.
3, Dietary choices are impacted. Since a wood stove is very condusive for slow-cooked foods (simply because it takes so long and sometimes the temperature isn't as high or regulated as on a modern stove), we make a conscious decision to eat more slow-cooked foods and also take more care to avoid foods that are more likely to cause indigestion when not cooked properly. Not much impact in terms of monthly food budget, but probably a bigger impact on general health.
4. You actually hope for cold weather. Warm weather means that it's harder to get the fire to a sufficiently high temperature to cook on, since the chimney doesn't pull as much air. In addition, heat produced from the fire turns the kitchen into a sauna if it is a warm day.

2 thoughts on “Reflections on life without a modern stove

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    +Adrian Stabiszewski It was more or less a forced choice. We had a mouse infestation, and the mice took out several cables to the stove sometime in fall. Since we heat with wood anyway, and had a wooden stove around, and there wasn't any point replacing the stove with the mice around, the obvious thing to do was to cook on the wooden stove. Now we've finally managed to get rid of the mice, so options are open again. We are considering replacing the electric stove as the weather warms up, as the sauna kitchen idea isn't too appealing. (In case you are interested: We calculated that using the wooden stove in summer would actually be cheaper than the electric stove, if cost is an additional factor in your pizza endeavours – cheaper and tastes better!)

  2. Adrian Stabiszewski

    As a passionate pizza maker the idea of a wood stove is quite tempting. Could you please elaborate on your decision to give up a modern stove? Is it permanent or only temporary?


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