Have you fixed your ad network interests yet?

By | January 28, 2012
Google does have a site letting you specify what your interest and demographics are. I like that – if I'm going to be shown ads, at least show ads that are relevant to what I'm interested in (see profile) and not things that I could care less about (eg. dating sites).

I'm apparently a 25-34-year-old male, at least according to Google. I don't like age-gender stereotypes: I have some interests which would not match that age group, and have some interests that do not match that gender. I'd guess the same thing applies to most other people as well. Perhaps we need to get marketers to move from demographic classifications to an interest-based targeting system? It would be more successful, and better received (at least by consumers like me).

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Hey ladies, does Google think you’re a guy?
I’m the lady in the orange dress.
Thanks to Google trumpeting its new privacy policy and inviting users to explore their profiles with the search giant, there have been a few giggles over at GigaOM, and elsewhere on Twitter as my female friends and colleagues check their Google ad preference manager to discover that Google thinks they are male. For example, I’m in the 35-44-year-old male demographic based on my interest in Internet and Telecom as…

2 thoughts on “Have you fixed your ad network interests yet?

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    +Tanja Origami No idea – maybe if we only talk about and care about beauty products and pampers deals? …but if the statistics on male/female ratio are based on Google's guesses, it's no surprise that Google+ is 90% male!

  2. Tanja Pott

    Hi +Sophie Wrobel, you're not the only one. Google thinks I'm also a male, a quite old one too (lol, maybe because I don't like computer games). And, yes, for Google my daughter is also a male, giggle. Are there actually any women that Google get's right? And what do they have to make it into the female gender status?


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