CCC and DGRI come out with independent statements against proposed EU data retention…

By | January 27, 2012
CCC and DGRI come out with independent statements against proposed EU data retention policies

Data retention policy is one of the big barriers between German laws and the EU laws – and despite some areas leveling out the playing field for international and local web platform competitors, the recent proposed changes don't make this standoff any better.

For most normal people, it has been a no-brainer that data retention policies don't achieve what their supporters claim, but instead open the door wide to potential data abuse. Unfortunately, governments are not very good at listening to that. Perhaps the 271-page academic study from the CCC, released through the Max Planck Institute, will help gain more leverage. Independently, the DGRI has also sent a critical letter to the EU commission against the proposed EU legislation. In light of the current ACTA revolts, perhaps this too can be brought as a side-topic back into the discussion room.

Summary of the proposed EU data privacy legislation:

Complete CCC study:

DGRI Letter to the EU commission:

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