Buy and sell used MP3's – but is is legal?

By | January 27, 2012
Hehe. Selling used software takes place all the time – you buy a used computer with the operating system installed, you buy games with the installation medium and key, etc. Whether you can buy used software without the hardware, however, is a open discussion point – in Germany, the question is sitting at the EU courts. Well, how about music files?

Check out what ReDigi offers: Sell songs you don't listen to. Buy previously listened-to songs at used prices.

Given how the music and entertainment industry have reacted in the past, it wouldn't be a surprise if they try to weasel some legislation to make it illegal. EMI has already started a court case against ReDigi in the USA, let's see where it ends up!

German take on the issue:

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3 thoughts on “Buy and sell used MP3's – but is is legal?

  1. Marie Meservy

    +Sophie Wrobel I think you're right, and that would really be something. I for one would have no problem cutting out any music from my life for which we had to pay per listen. As it is, I rarely listen to music, and I boycott "evil" music labels for the most part. There's a rich variety of good music that is available through smart business practices, like Magnatune. No need to throw money at the bad guys. =]

  2. Sophie Wrobel

    +Marie Meservy I think we're going to see a lot more of this sort of double standard emerging in the near future. It's only a question of time before such protectionist traditional business models and the surrounding lobby groups suffocate themselves.

    … on the other hand, if the entertainment conglomerate gets their way, we should be paying for each time we hear a particular song, in addition to the file itself. Perhaps one day we'll pay for software based on the number of mouse clicks we make, if that keeps up!

  3. Marie Meservy

    I've always wanted to be able to buy used mp3's. Since they argue that digital files have the same value as physical CD's (and used CD's can be resold), it would be a double standard to argue that used mp3's somehow have no resale value.


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