:( Dissappointed.

By | January 26, 2012
🙁 Dissappointed.

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TOMORROW ACTA is Being Signed into Law Worldwide in a Ceremony sponsored by Big Media which Enacts Most of the Provisions of SOPA and PIPA Anyway.
I'm filming my most REVEALING video about the truth behind this new international law, Negotiated in Secret, to enslave us all.

Ireland and EU to sign controversial ACTA treaty tomorrow
The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement has come under fire after suggestions it could limit online freedoms.

2 thoughts on “:( Dissappointed.

  1. Oliver Hoffmann

    They are behaving like the Soviets just before the collapse of communism: It's a last-minute panic. Don't worry, it will soon be over. There are 2 ways to kill a pest: Poison and growth enhancers. When you cannot stop something with poison anymore, make it grow too quick so it will lose its integrity and collapse under its own weight. This type of land-grabbing total-control censorship monopolist capitalism will go away soon. Rather than protesting against its perversion we should prepare for a better world after the inevitable collapse of our moribund system.

  2. Rod Dunne

    Very disappointing. My concern (as an Irishman) is that the Celtic Tiger boom attracted a lot of multinationals to set up large European Headquarters, cloud caching centres, etc. here. E.g. Google, Facebook.

    Starting to wonder if ACTA goes through then these companies will start moving affected divisions overseas.


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