Calling all Europeans: its not too late to stop ACTA

By | January 26, 2012
The word has gotten around that the EU has signed ACTA, which has significant implications on expression over the internet as well as hampering innovation by introducing copyright and patent policy along the lines of the broken current US system. But that doesn't mean that it's law yet. It still needs to be approved at several levels, and this article provides some insights into where and how and who you should approach in order to overturn ACTA.

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Tja, jetzt hat sie´s getan: Die EU und 22 ihrer Mitgliedsstaaten (aber noch nicht Deutschland) unterzeichnet "feierlich" das umstrittene ACTA

Lesen Sie dazu auch meinen kürzlich verfassten Beitrag:

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ACTA Signed by the EU. Let’s Defeat it Together! | La Quadrature du Net
Paris, January 26th 2011 – Today in Tokyo, the EU and 22 of its Member States officially signed ACTA1, the anti-counterfeiting trade agreement. The worldwide citizen movement initiated against SOPA an…

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