Looking at the 3D hardware market

By | January 24, 2012
I know this sounds very simplistic, but I'd be satisfied with the inverted-Wii- solution as opposed to a real 3D system. All I'm interested in as a consumer is the illusion of 3D, ahich you can obtain by some object-tracking system using a front-facing cam, and adjust the screen display accordingly to give me my 3D experience. It's a whole lot cheaper and less complex than the current research systems – though there are cases in which true 3D makes sense, for example group viewing.

At any rate, here's a fascinating selection of 3D hardware under development:


4 thoughts on “Looking at the 3D hardware market

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    +Craig Perko i'm well aware of the existance of head tracking software and the lack of market / games. However, between pushing true 3D as consumer hardware and pushing inverted-wii headtracking, i'd much prefer to see the latter being pushed.

  2. Craig Perko

    The "inverted wii", AKA "head tracking", already exists and there are a number of open source solutions. The problem is programs that use it don't exist, because there's no market.

    That's always been the problem: early adopters can't find any software, and software makers can't find more than a few early adopters.

  3. Frédéric Bazin

    I would also go for inverted-wii solution. I d rather pay a reasonable amount of money for high quality 2D screen that would benefit both 2D and 3D experience.
    I see no value in the 3D screen mobile phone who came last year.


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