Call for action of Europeans: where are you? Comment and you will be circled

By | January 24, 2012

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Call for action of Europeans: where are you? Comment and you will be circled
the latest figures of stats service Comscore show a sharp rise in the number of European users of G+ which sounds good
In November I posted about the limited number of Europeans on G+ and I included some figures to show it. This weekend new figures came in which are probably much more reliable and most importantly more recent. In the attached graph you can see that the US still dominates G+ but Europe would be strong if the numbers were combined.

My post of two months ago, based on the profiles suggested otherwise. I warned at that time that my figures were based on the profiles people filled in and an overwhelming majority never specifies their country. You can read it here:
At that time I said Europe which is almost twice as large as the US is much less represented on G+

Nowe we have this, to quote the Guardian "Europe currently has the largest Google+ audience, and 6.1% of European internet users visited the site during [November]," said Mike Read, managing director of comScore Europe
So let´s do an experiment: post in the comments your nationality if you are an European. Everything to the left of Russia is fine, I´m not going to provide you with a list of countries. No need for nitpicking here. All I need is to see your nationality.

The first 500 Europeans will be circled by me: you don´t need to follow me.

So please share this with your fellow Europeans as I want to see if it´s true that Europe has that large active presence here. So help spread the word and direct people to this topic to post their country*

And yes, I have made room for 500 people so I´m dead serious when I say I will circle you independent of you circling me. This is just a fun experiment for me!

Edit: I will make a curated circle of active Europeans and I will start with adding the people who successfully shared this and add some I know already who should be in, so that we get a circle of European engagers. If you don´t want to be included say so in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Call for action of Europeans: where are you? Comment and you will be circled

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    +Simon B I've been scratching my head over that one too.

    See, the problem is less of finding academics, than finding academics who share sufficient content about what they (or others) are working on in an understandable manner. I do have a set of people I follow on this outside of Google+, but unfortunately none of them actively post here. 🙁

  2. Espi Marinovic Mansi

    I'm from the UK and LOVE Google+ I'm just starting to run two G+ pages on behalf of my company, as well as having my own page and it's real hard to get more people into our circle due to awareness at the moment. It would be great to see more Euro support.


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