Meet the square: Google+ version of Facebook's wall

By | January 22, 2012

Commentary from +John Blossom on this post is worth reading: "…this sounds like an excellent idea that could give the Shared Circles solution that many have been seeking." While I agree that squares are a much-needed enhancement to pages – think of a facebook wall – I'm not sure that they are what shared circles would have been. Shared circles would have been more like twitter lists than facebook walls.

At any rate, I hope not every new useful feature is going to be named after a shape, and will be checking the new squares once I'm off mobile.

Reshared post from +David Prieto

I'm posting a small update to this #googleplusmockups post ( about group functionality for Google+ Pages.

The suggestion was, basically: let pages have another section with posts shared with them or mentioning them, so that they become (if their owners choose so) sort of a "public square" that fans can use to stay in touch with each other and make posts publicly available without forcing them on their followers' streams.

The update is: when you visit the page's square, allow you to sort "best" or "latest" posts as you can in searches, and also give you an option to show new posts from that square on your stream.

Would you like this? Please reshare the post if you'd like to spread the idea. Also make sure that you leave your feedback about anything they might be missing or getting wrong, in the comments.

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