Africa: Where file sharing without censorship is a reality

By | January 20, 2012
In light of megaupload being taken down, it perhaps makes sense to look at what our African counterparts have established. Africa has, because of their economic situation favoring smartphones over other computing devices, been far ahead of the rest of the world in developing actual usable mobile applications that don't frustrate users the way most western companies do.

Sure, part of it lies in culture: having tea together is much more popular in Africa than in Europe or in North America. But perhaps it is also a good excuse for us to get more social and pick up on these trends – not just having tea together, but also exchanging information, and building usable mobile experience.

File Sharing Without The Internet: The Saharan Bluetooth Experience | Techdirt
A couple of months ago, Techdirt wrote about an EU politician’s plan to build Internet surveillance into every operating system. As we pointed out then, this could easily be circumvented by using non…

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