Anyone up to testing Frostwire, a beta Bittorrent client for Android?

By | January 16, 2012
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FrostWire for Android – Beta Installer v0.9.0

Ladies and Gentlemen

Try at your own risk, here's a very beta installer of the next generation of FrostWire for Android

Join the beta tester group here!forum/android-frostwire

A few radical changes have occurred since our last release.

1. It is now a BitTorrent client.

2. Search happens on the Bittorrent network only (it will not search on nearby peers). Basically it first talks to all the major torrent search engines, and creates a local smart database so it can find not just torrents, but the files inside those torrents letting you find the rarest of files if they have been indexed by torrent trackers.

3. The Browse Tab will now show only FrostWire for Android's that are on your same network. (usually the ones on your WiFi network, however, if the network conditions would allow, you could probably see other clients a few hops away given your network administrator provides with the necessary routing conditions) Attached a picture of how it should look if you're near another Android running FrostWire.

4. You won't be able to see this client on your FrostWire for Desktop, we'll be rolling out an update to make this new client compatible with FrostWire 5. This new version performs WiFi transfers using a straightforward HTTP protocol (attention hackers), we'll be publishing the specs of the HTTP API so you can build your own clients on whatever platform. This protocol is still far from finished, we've yet to implement queuing and we have some ideas for swarming so you can use FrostWire for Android to send files to 100 people in the same room without breaking a sweat (think conferences, classrooms, etc.)

Again, It's very beta, we'll be rolling out continuous updates throughout the week since we're far from done, and we hope to get lots of feedback from you soon.

Please all Force closes and other nasty situations, try to send along an adb logcat file with your report so we can quickly fix the issue. We've left out the "debug" flag on this binary.

Hope you like it, feel free to ask any questions.

PS: Source code will be out probably tomorrow in the afternoon, we're still deciding if it will be on github or if we'll leave it in BitBucket.

Update as of 14 November 2018: Frostwire is officially dead. Their team has, however, has kindly provided a list of alternative solutions.

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