Grr… when can I have an invert slider?

By | January 13, 2012
After experimenting and watching over these past weeks, these G+ filter sliders controlling how much content from each circle appear in the main stream are not working the way I'd want them to. When set to anything other than 'show all content', I end up missing all the posts I am actually interested in, and seeing a selection of posts that I'd like filtered out (unless there are too few of them in the stream, then I see some good posts too).

Am I alone in this? Or can I get an invert slider, that shows the posts that would be filtered out, and filters out the posts that would be shown according to the current algorithm?

4 thoughts on “Grr… when can I have an invert slider?

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    +Kellya Clanzig I have most of my circles on 'show all content' – however there are a few that tend to have enough unwanted noise that I want them filtered. Example: people who post about nature photography and sexy women are good candidates for such a circle, but if I use the slider, G+ gives me the pics of the latter instead of the former!

    … more critical, however, is certain people who post on (usually tech) discussions that I want to follow and <random boring subject>, and I get <random boring subject> in my stream instead of the meaty posts.

  2. Kellya Clanzig

    Take care then Thomas Morffew, you are missing some posts, as it is not 'Show all content' by default. And I agree, I finally deciced to see everything, except for one "spammer" circle that I keep really limited in my stream and go to visit when I am really bored.


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