Yet another case of web censorship

By | January 12, 2012
It's incredibly unfortunate to see the internet being censored in this way. I can understand that certain entertainment curators don't like people downloading their films without paying, but complete website takedown because of (isolated) cases of infringement provided by users, not by the providers, at the cost of the provider seems rather absurd.

What is more troubling is not the entertainment industry vs. downloader wars, but the extension of the blocked website analogy to other purposes: What would this mean for other web platforms involving user created content? Do sites like Facebook or Youtube also fall into the same category, because users can abuse them to upload content that a particular influential lobby group doesn't like?

Piratebay wird in den Niederlanden geblockt » Von andreasm »
Zwei holländische Provider (XS4All und Ziggo) wurden gestern vom Den Haager Bezirksgericht verurteilt, die Torrent-Website “The Pirate Bay” für ihre Kunden innerhalb von 10 Tagen zu sperren.

2 thoughts on “Yet another case of web censorship

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    It isn't really an easy issue to solve. First, is a site illegal? If the site is operated and hosted in a country in which it is legal, then you can't order it to close – your court has no jurisdiction over it. So the ineffective workaround is to block it, and force an innocent party to pick up the costs of the ineffective workaround (i.e. the Piratebay blocking order in NL). And failing that… alter how DNS works (i.e. what USA would like to be able to do). Where does it end?

  2. Karsten Wegmeyer

    yes blocking is a bad idea and it will never work. If it should you have to forbid DNS-Changing. But as DNS is part of TCP/IP ( well it is a Service for TCP/IP) you cant remove it's ability to change.

    The only thing is to close illegal sites. As it sould happen to al those sites that change Pictures, Movies or Musiv whose rights belong to someone.

    We have to close, not to block. Blocking is nonsense!


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