Take a look at Tizen, yet another mobile OS

By | January 9, 2012
It's going to be interesting to follow what happens to Tizen. Why?

1) It's not US-driven.
2) It's Linux-based, open-source technology.
3) It seems to have a hint of a larger plan to be able to apply to other devices (e.g. cars) and not just mobile phones.

If the third point is what Samsung is really investing in, it just may work – given a few years.

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Tizen Open Source Mobile OS in Works, Intel and Samsung Backing It

Apparently thinking of a post-Android world at least in part, the Tizen OS is coming to fruition, hosted by the Linux Foundation. The interface looks nice, and although its backers' plans are unclear, perhaps Samsung and Intel see the squeeze between Google's ARM/Motorola moves and Apple's own approaches and are eager to define a non-Microsoft alternative that can give them some negotiating room. This is probably not a bad thing to have – if they can attract developers to it. Nokia's similar MeeGo OS has not fared very well, so far, so this may be an uphill battle.

Samsung-backed open-source mobile OS Tizen leaks in new screenshots
Tizen, a new open-source operating system backed by Intel, Samsung and a number of other smartphone manufacturers, has leaked in a number of new screenshots, providing a first look …

5 thoughts on “Take a look at Tizen, yet another mobile OS

  1. Karsten Wegmeyer

    well yes Bada, Meego,… they all vanished before they really have come up. I do hope that concerning Tizen those Marketing things will be done much better and with a longer breath.

  2. Karsten Wegmeyer

    a lot of those UNIXes failed, I hope Tizen will turn this trend. A LINUX on a phone free of those ugly restrictions and Patents would be great!


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