What it takes to lead a community

By | January 5, 2012
See, this is the difference between people who know how to lead a community, and people who don't:

"…instead of telling him what to think, I taught him how to think… And they’ll answer their own question more insightfully than I could have."

The community leaders and major players that arise in the content-creator world of social media arise because they provoke others to use their brains. Traditional management (and traditional politics!) takes the reverse approach, telling people to turn off their brains and to think what their superiors think. Now, those two philosophies don't line up. Technology is transforming our society into one requiring community leaders to step up – the art of listening – and replace the traditional top-down paradigm. The sooner corporations and governments catch on, the better – but until then, there are going to be major clashes, be it in corporate culture, net activism, or personal demise.

/via +Jason Mayes

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