Miniature Romulan cloaking technology is here!

By | January 5, 2012
The general idea of cloaking technology is to deflect light around an object such that it appears hidden. As it seems, researchers at Cornell have redirected inbound light for a particular region through a medium in which light travels at a different speed than through air – this is the same reason why objects at the bottom of the swimming pool appear closer than they actually are. The result is that altering the speed of light passing through a particular temporal region and sending the light through an alternate medium 'bends' the space-time continuity for an observer – allowing a temporal region to be hidden from a surrounding observer for the duration the speed difference creates. The end effect is thus hiding an event in a particular region of space during a particular time interval by altering the time dimension of space-time continuity relative to the observer.

But don't worry about cloaked thieves showing up anytime soon: so far, it only works on a small scale and for a very small period of time, and requires a huge pile of cables surrounding the experimental space in order to work.

/via +Jason Mayes

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4 thoughts on “Miniature Romulan cloaking technology is here!

  1. Kos mOS

    Needs to be in mature state of development, and yet a theory slightly applied into practice, yet long way to go to have a use of it. Someone does not want us to be as Romulans over the night. 🙂


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