Here's some doomsday reading as storm wind howls outside the window here

By | January 5, 2012
but on the bright side, humans survived the last ice age, and humans can still run a marathon barefoot in ice and snow [1], and "soon" in geological terms is quite a few generations anyway.

[1] Extraordinary people – Iceman

Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms – Salem-News.Com
NASA has been warning about it…scientific papers have been written about it… geologists have seen its traces in rock strata and ice core samples…Now it is here: an unstoppable magnetic pole shift th…

6 thoughts on “Here's some doomsday reading as storm wind howls outside the window here

  1. Karsten Wegmeyer

    i do agree in that +André Fachat

    whereas global warming has different reasons. It surely is the entropy caused by the growing human population. Warming will come from the sun itself as it gets older ( small amount, but there) and the magnetical and termical changes will speed up our weather. This can be seen on any Gas-based planet even in our solar-system.

    So the reasons my differ, there amount may differ. But there is no single reason and by stopping our entropy ( which would result in stopping human live) will not stop global warming.

    The Club of Rome calculated in the 1970es that half a Billion people could exist on earth without permanently changing the earth. Having todays technologies the amount might be several times higher, but we will always come to the conclusion that there are to much humans on earth to not effect the warming. All those people, live,eat,drink,wash,build,… If you have to reduce emissions to 30% or so, you might use technology to a certain amount. But you will reach a point, where you have to admit that you can't go any further and have to reduce the emittants.

    So we have to do something against overpopulation.

  2. André Fachat

    To be clear I don't believe that the shift in magnetic fields that has occured so far is the cause for any "superstorm" because I think the magnetic effect is way too small compared to thermic effects like global warming

  3. Karsten Wegmeyer

    +André Fachat the poles are moving every year. Thats normal. The speed of there movement in the last decade has increased significantly and a pole swap ought to have happend long ago.

    So there is a higher chance of a swapping to happen in the near future. Such swaps happen regularly and are no reasons to panic.
    If the speed stays constant, the north pole will be in Siberia in 2060. The speed, as we can see now, hasn't been constant. Movement is ascellerating from year to year. So the reliability on the position of the north pole will reduce.

    Whereas the electromagnetic storms will surely damage satellites and based systems ( the web, gps, communication in general etc.).

  4. André Fachat

    Besides I'd be more concerned about increased radiation when the magnetic pole travels over inhabited areas. And what about all the technogadgets with magnetic sensors that assume magnetic north is "north"?

  5. André Fachat

    Bah, I haven't heard about a large shift of the magnetic pole recently. How much should it have shifted? No data in the article. So even if the pole had shifted 1000km how much is that compared to the earth's circumference?

    I think the "forget about global warning" gives it away. No facts, just spreading fog about global warming being caused by nature not man.

    Crap article

  6. Karsten Wegmeyer

    the pole shift frequency shows us that the next swap of poles ought to have happend long time ago. Indicators today show that the pole migration is speeding up. So we will be the generation to see what really happens when poles swap.

    Bigger storms for sure, polar lights over the whole planet. It'll be impressive!


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