Bolivia leads where Kyoto fails

By | January 3, 2012
I'm not particularly an environmentalist-type person, but I applaude this move. Natural resource exploitation, in particular by booming population economies (such as China) and overconsumist economies (such as USA and Europe), combined with the current trend of offshore industries in the aforementioned countries snapping up natural resources and reserves in the rest of the world (in particular Africa, Australia, and South America) and often mismanaging them, sounds to me like Starcraft Endgame – when mineral reserves are out, and all that's left is a bitter fight to the end with whatever you have left.

The Kyoto treaty, on the other hand, is a completely different beast: it allows participating nations to trade pollution credits, which in the end fuels economy and provides some transfer of money from rich to poor nations, as opposed to attacking the problem of resource mismanagement at its core.

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3 thoughts on “Bolivia leads where Kyoto fails

  1. George Greene

    Investing in people and building to last and not trash.. We live in world that is running out space but the world it self isn't in danger of dying. It we the people who live in it and I am all for making thing better and lasting with out or with less wast but greed is about making things that end up in dumps , Cars that are suppose to help are worse on energy saving and make ten of thought time more toxic waste and cost to build. I found this story a wile back I looked into waste and recycling and the cost for how and what we do is staggering bad.. even in with people saying we need to respect the plant they clear cut a Forrest to make a road. take out farmer growing thing right or just burn away areas to build farms to grow plants for making more fuels we don't need. the air is bad do to over pushing our needs.. we could fuel power and more if we invest in young minds but greed blinds those who want profit from investment not new ideals to save to use less in less space .. to do more in ways that make less money but bring more power and clear air and water.. I hate to see this wold being cut away bit by bit to see less green when seen from space..
    This could be all there is and we need to use it right but not by giving right to that which is unaware but giving right to the people who know the lands that have farmed them for thousands of years. Man kind need to grow not just with this wold but beyond it we can stay her much longer with the pace of growth we have .. . this world will seek out balance it what Nature dose best . We are small compare to the power of what we walk upon and at some point change will happen and the gears of nature will turn.. and once set in motion they can not be stopped.. We sit upon the sands of this plants never feeling it turn or move no one taking the time to stop and listen and watch we just blame each other for what is going on we make rules and laws banning this or that limiting and replace but ever building and growing and and never stop to think..this world is doing the same .. it didn't stop at the Microbe or we would not be here it didn't stop at the kept going.. just as it is now .. With us or with out us this wold will live on with what will be next.. give right to Nature .. Its a joke Nature has had them all along . .. Who gave them to us? Why do we misused them? .. Man grants right to each other but those right boil down to who is in power.. Man? Or Nature? God or Evolution? the Microbe or the ant which had the greater power to give any one rights? No one county or man can give a plant rights .. it all ready has them as well do.. give at birth.. this why some many people fight for them.. die for them.. When the land under our feet moves again as it had over the centuries do you think Nature will care we gave it rights ? nope.. we will be moved as the dirt we came from crumbles.. The clock has started the gears are getting ready to move i feel and Man need to stop and end this fighting over things it can not change .. we can not re-grow the south American Rain Forrest that is gone we can no put back the thing we stripped away from the ground to make our cities and cars we can not replace the air we polluted over the years.. it all gone.. Only one power can do that. now..

  2. Sophie Wrobel

    +George Greene I admit, environmentalists get on my nerves as well. But there is a very real threat of short-term resource over-exploitation to meet the growing needs of human population (by short-term I mean things like 20 year or less investments) that the world so far lacks effective policy to counter, and Bolivia's attempt is the closest I've seen in that direction so far.

  3. George Greene

    Sorry this is just going to far it just nuts.. We give everything right down to the germ that kill us and we are just taking things too close to the edge of sanity. The people are the thing to worry about the plant will be fine but if we go to far on this save the Plant crap we will miss the bigger issue people starving Wars and just over greed killing people .. Enough about giving Garbles rights GIVE THE PEOPLE BACK THEIR!!


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