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By | December 29, 2011
Taking into consideration the rate of growth of scientific research in Europe, I can't help but agree. (See )

I think there are some other reasons why Europe is not as visible on the US tech landscape – but that's no reason for ignoring what is going on. +Max Huijgen is a fascinating content curator, so I'd expect some interesting results on this channel to look forward to!

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Europe should be more visible on the tech map as the largest economy of the world
if you are an European you will be aware that Europe is technologically very capable, but hardly visible on tech blogs
Europe has very capable engineers, an excellent education system, the best digital infrastructure in the world and a long tradition of outstanding creativity, but all of this goes mostly unnoticed.

Galileo will be the most advanced GPS system in space, CERN is revolutionizing science and companies like Ubisoft, Crytek and RockStar North make the most fantastic games played all over the world. And oh, yes, Angrybirds is made by a Finnish company.

However as a continent we are hardly covered in tech mags or tech blogs. We fail to create a climate in which start-ups flourish, we fail to use our advantages and go mostly unnoticed in the fast moving world of digital technology.

Remember: The European Union as a whole is, by far, the wealthiest and largest economy in the world even at a time of great economic slowdown. Europe in the broader sense has more than 700 million people.

If you feel we should have our own tech buzz, our own stream of news and recognition for the many innovations made by European inventors, engineers and programmers subscribe to this page.

Share your news, your new cool apps, the latest on the patent wars in Europe, great new products or hints and tips about startup funding with this page.

Subscribe and you will meet like minded people who work in tech but during European business hours. Make friends with fellow Europeans with a keen interest in everything tech related.

On G+ the majority is currently American, but there are millions of Europeans who use it daily. We struggle with features which are US only, with activity which peaks at US business hours and with sometimes a different take on events. However there is plenty of European tech news, there are interesting start-ups, major breakthroughs and unfortunately just as many patent problems as elsewhere.

I want to unite the Europeans on G+ and get all the techies, the investors and the journo´s on the same page 🙂

Subscribe and help build a EuroTech community. If you want to participate in maintaining this page let me know by PM as it will be impossible for one man to maintain such a large undertaking.

Share this with your friends and make sure we all get on the same page!

One thought on “introducing EuroTech Initiative

  1. pablo chuken

    I totally agree and it has been always unexplainable to me why Europe has less exposure than America. It is a great initiative, I'm a true believer that European leadership can provide a different perspective to the tech world.


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