Wonderful – anyone interested in brand management on G+ (whether a G+ Page or just…

By | December 22, 2011

Wonderful – anyone interested in brand management on G+ (whether a G+ Page or just your personal brand) should take a look at these metrics.

I wonder if +CircleCount is going to add this to the dashboard, and/or to a future ranking criterium?

/via +Nils Hitze

Reshared post from +Gerwin Sturm

Another day, another g+ script

Based on some nice feedback by +Natalie Villalobos and some others in this post here https://plus.google.com/105696887942257432718/posts/MnT38KaKG3r I started thinking about new ways to analyse what effect your posts might have on your community. The result is the G+ Post Analyser which I have open-sourced here: http://code.google.com/p/gplus-post-analyser/

The script can be run locally after you have signed up for an API-Key. Due to the potentially big amount of necessary API requests I thought it would be better if you run the script yourself, instead of putting it on a public server. The set-up is easy enough and described in detail at http://code.google.com/p/gplus-post-analyser/

The script does two things for you.

The index.html which is your starting point will list all public activities with the number of comments/reshares/+1's for one given Google+ ID.

Each post will have a link to analyser.html which does the real work.
The script will fetch some people who have interacted with the post and for each of them fetch their posts in a defined range before and after the post was made.
For those posts a number of values are calculated (which you might already know from the All my + tool at http://www.allmyplus.com) so you can see if your post might have changed something in their behaviour from before vs. after your post.

You can copy the resulting table into a spreadsheet application of your choice for further analysis.

Of course you can never be sure that the change in behaviour really is influenced by your post, but some people might find the data interesting.


One thing that comes to mind which could be done as an extension is to filter the posts by a certain keyword instead of taking all posts. That way if you manage a brand page and posted a new offer or something, you could see if people are talking more about your brand after you posted.


So just head over to http://code.google.com/p/gplus-post-analyser/ to download the script and see if you can get something interesting out of it. Something you can definitely find out easily that way is what your most popular posts have been via the index.html even if you are not interested in the results of the analyser.html :)

One thought on “Wonderful – anyone interested in brand management on G+ (whether a G+ Page or just…

  1. CircleCount

    This is really wonderful +Sophie Wrobel! A big compliment to +Gerwin Sturm!

    In the near future, we won't add something like this, because of the potentially big amount of necessary API requests (like Gerwin wrote).
    If I understood it correctly, you would need for the analysis of one post a lot of API requests (each post of the commenters/+plusoners/resharers would be analyzed). And this is really a huge amount of API requests. Due to the API-limit, this won't be possible so easily.

    And I think, without this issue, Gerwin should be the first to put this on his website 😉


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