Cyberwarfare drones on

By | December 16, 2011
While the article is somewhat 'normal' given the political tensions and the nature of the parties involved and repeated cyber attacks targeted at each other, I'd like to draw your attention to one particular paragraph in the article:

"According to the engineer, the GPS system is one of the easiest to manipulate, making it a huge vulnerability. However, it appears that the United States was already aware of potential problems with GPS. Papers such as this one pointed out by The Register detail why the GPS is so susceptible to the spoofing attack, including information for both military and civilian attacks."

I wonder – if GPS is that susceptible, why hasn't it hit mainstream geek coverage yet?

Today in U.S. drones: GPS spoof attack in Iran, ACLU worried at home
A U.S. drone that veered off course and landed in Iran last week is said to have been hacked using a GPS spoofing attack, the Christian Science Monitor reported today. Also today, the American Civi……

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