Social seating: Why it won't work, and what it should do instead

By | December 12, 2011
Interesting concept. I think the real value here is not in 'matching' similar interests – that never worked in elementary school, so I wonder why it would work in planes – but rather in matching similar context intentions, which Facebook doesn't let you extract from their API.

Example of what I mean: A passanger who is planning to work on their xyz report during the flight would likely appreciate a neighbour who is also interested in concentrated work, and not a neighbour going on family holiday with five kids, irrespective of whether they both like chess or not. But where would you get that context information (business working flight vs. family holiday flight)? Putting two of those 'business working flight' people together would probably make both of the seat neighbours a lot happier – though there are contexts in which interest matching may work, such as putting two single chess enthusiasts together would probably give them a much more pleasant flight than a random neighbour – assuming, that is, you tell them in advance that they were matched because of their common interest in chess instead of letting them guess. Looks like there's still a gap to be filled…

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