This will be an interesting question to follow

By | December 11, 2011
Is a robots action the responsibility of the designer, creator, user, or some combination of those? Where will the separating boundary lie as robots become more complex and will the boundaries be sensible?

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A reminder of Asimov's laws of robotics

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New laws of robotics to be explored at upcoming confab | SmartPlanet
With emergence of robots doing everything from driving cars to dispensing medicine, time to consider the legal implications, conference organizers say

2 thoughts on “This will be an interesting question to follow

  1. Karsten Wegmeyer

    it's the same as with i.e. cars ( it's easier to compare machines with machines). If there is a "known bug" in the car it's the manufactor to blame. If not, it's the driver!

    Same things will appear here.

  2. Michael-Forest M.

    Realize it or not, we have a precedent for how to handle robots legally:

    Animals. If you own a dog which was specifically bred a certain way, and that dog attacks someone, whose responsibility is it? Is there a particular reason robots should be handled differently?


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