+Marie Meservy, this might interest you

By | December 9, 2011
=”proflinkPrefix”>+Marie Meservy, this might interest you. Any idea where to get a hold of the details behind her discovery? 🙂

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Cure cancer and only get $100k :-/

17-year-old wins 100k for creating cancer-killing nanoparticle | Geek.com
Dec. 8, 2011 – At the age of 17 I was paying attention in college, but still enjoying the student life as much as studying towards my career goals. What I wasn’t doing was

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  1. Marie Meservy

    Nice! I wasn't able to find the actual poster or write-up anywhere (only vague snippets), but I've called up the Siemens Foundation to find out where I can!

    As a side note, I must point out that 1,000 hours on this whole project is extremely efficient for a high school student without an extensive background knowledge of the topic. That's like, what, 3 months of working 80 hours per week? And $100 per hour is pretty decent pay. =]


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